SLOWGIRL by Greg Pierce

Dayton Theatre Guild
Dayton, Ohio

Sterling, a former lawyer turned recluse in the Costa Rican jungle, is surprised by the arrival of his 17-year-old niece, Becky, whom he barely knows. She is a talkative high-schooler whose parents sent her out of town for a week of obscurity in the wilderness. Unaccustomed to having constant company, Sterling slowly acquires a sense of Becky’s situation, which is disconcertingly similar to his own retreat from the opinions of others, and both realize their own remorse over moral negligences.

Directed by Rick Flynn Produced by Kathy Mola



Dayton Theatre Guild
Dayton, Ohio

Carrie Watts is living the twilight of her life trapped in an apartment in 1940’s Houston, Texas, with a controlling daughter-in-law and a hen-pecked son. Her fondest wish — just once before she dies — is to revisit Bountiful, the small Texas town of her youth which she still refers to as “home.” But her son, Ludies, is too concerned for her health to allow her travel alone, and her petty daughter-in-law, Jessie Mae, insists they don’t have money to squander on bus tickets. This prompts “escape” attempts each month, which coincide with the arrival of Mrs. Watts’ Social Security check. Then, Mrs. Watts makes a successful escape, and one last trip home.

Directed by Craig Smith Produced by Debra Kent


LAST GAS by John Cariani

Dayton Theatre Guild
Dayton, Ohio

Nat Paradis is a Red Sox-loving, part-time single dad who manages Paradis’ Last Convenient Store, the last convenient place to get gas — or anything — before the Canadian border to the north and the North Maine Woods to the west. When an old flame returns to town, Nat gets a chance to rekindle a romance he gave up on years ago. But sparks fly as he’s forced to choose between new love and old. LAST GAS takes a hilarious and heartbreakingly hard look at love lost and found, and what it means to “get back to happy.”

Directed by Debra Kent Produced by K.L.Storer

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